About Shane Strudwick

Shane Strudwick is an award-winning photographer with a passion for capturing the environment and the Murray River. His book The Murray River: One River, Many Lands is published with the ABC and took him over 6 years to capture the soul, essence and beauty of the Murray River from source to sea. Shane photographs the entire Murray River region across South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, covering thousands of kilometres, discovering the secret spots and uncovering stories using images we’ve not seen before.

Phone 0409 678 654 or contact him through Discover Murray River
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Drone Pilot

Shane Strudwick – Chief UAV “drone” pilot

As a keen photographer since the 1980s and a continued passion for taking great images, I’ve find photographing and video with a drone suits my landscape and environmental style. The world is so beautiful from above!

After many photo shoots from aircraft including helicopters and Cessna’s, the development of drone (UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) video and photography has allowed me to further extend my craft and aerial skills. I am a licenced and certified drone pilot allowing for commercial application under Australia’s CASA regulations.

I have many hours of drone flying and experience to bring you a new view and world view. As well as being a UAV camera operator that captures smooth and stable footage Shane works as a cameraman in the remotest of locations of Australia.

Please contact me if you wish to know more or are looking for commercial drone footage of your business or location.